Cooperation: monetize your SIM cards

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We have a general chat where you can always clarify your earnings and any other questions - @help_2ndLine

Our service provides an opportunity to earn money from sim cards or earn additional money from used sim cards. We have developed our own software to work with partners over long distances. We disclose your number for sale on our major service to enable SMS from various websites and apps. Customers pay for it, and you earn .

  What does the work consist of? 

1. There will be SIM cards installed in your equipment, their numbers are sold on our service for avtivation SMS.
2. You only need to change the SIM cards, the rest is automated

  Connection options:

Through our Gateway software: you just have the device (or will buy it) - the easiest option. You just run the software, add ports to it and then change the SIM card, we do the rest.

For any connection options, please contact us at Telegram  @help_2ndLine, facebook

Software workspace example. Sales statistics.

How to start monetizing your SIM cards in 2021 from scratch?

Buy everything you need: device and SIM card
Write to me at @help_2ndLine or email at [email protected] , you set up the software for free from scratch
We activate your profile in the system and you start earning on sim card
If you are going to connect to our system via API, then configure the API and write to @help_2ndLine. Next, we discuss price, volume, and you get to work.


Flexible hours: you can only change numbers 2 times per day
Quick start: once you have the device, you can start earning within a day
Convenient support service in Telegram, as well as setup via Anydesk

Earnings on SIM-Cards:

You will get 70 to 80% from the sale of a number
The amount received from one number can be as much as 3$ (depending on the country)
Withdrawing funds in any convenient way

GSM gateways

If you already have a GSM-gateway, install our software, configure it and write to @help_2ndLine about the results

If you are only buying one port, we recommend purchasing one with M35, M26, MC35I and MC55 modules. In any case, before buying, we recommend that you write to us on Telegram @help_2ndLine

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