Update new feature that holding phone numbers by date

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What is online sim rental?

Online sim rental service is done entirely on the system, you do not need to go to the place to receive the sim but manipulate directly on the system.

With only a very small cost, you can own a virtual phone number online, receive all the codes without having to worry about using many physical sims, because all costs are also optimized for you.

How to use the service?
- Select the number you want to get sms and  make a successful transaction
- Long press the number and choose how long you want to keep the number

- Successful service confirmation

How much is the daily sim rental service?

The current day-to-day sim rental service has the following prices:
3 hours = 0.75$
1 day = 1$
10 days = 8$
30 days = 16$

Is it beneficial to rent a sim by day?
After you rent a sim by day, you can use that virtual phone number to receive all free sms freely during the sim rental period.

In addition, we have just updated the feature to send SMS from your sim to any phone number if you need to send it.


Good luck !

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